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Creative and Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts

Still looking for the perfect mothers day gift? Maybe we can help

Every year we're bombarded with television adds, websites, storefronts and billboards reminding us of all the things we can spend money on for Mother's Day. Even though we'd all agree that our mom's are worth the hundreds of dollars we could spend on floral arrangements, spa days, or new appliances... most of us don't have that kind of cash we can throw around. But we have good news! 10 out of 10 mom's agree: The well planned, creative and inexpensive Mother's Day surprises are treasured just as much as the gift certificate to her favorite restaurant. All it takes is a little time and maybe an inventory of the home's craft supplies to give a lifetime gift of memories by celebrating the unique woman she is. From tots to teens, here are some ideas to spring board your Mother's Day celebration.

"Hand"-made crafts from infants and toddlers can be wonderful keepsakes. Try putting your kid's painted hands or feet (taking special care on the fingers and toes) on all sorts of things! A plain apron, oven mitt, ceramic plate, or t-shirt are all great ways to display your child's "handy-work (make sure you include the child's name and the year). Another way you can put those little hands to work is by having them color some run-of-the-mill coffee filters with markers. Punch a hole in the middle with an old pen, scrunch the filters up and you're on your way to a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

happy mothers day

For elementary aged kids, a coupon book made with colored papers, stickers, and crayons is a fun way to give mom a gift that keeps on giving. Examples could include 'One Free Hug' or 'Help With The Laundry'. Try taking a couple of fragrant soap bars and neatly folding a colored piece of paper around it. Tuck in the sides and decorate with glue, ribbons or old buttons. If you have some card stock lying around, you can cut out a square frame. Glue on pictures of flowers cut from magazines or the real thing! Just pick a couple of small flowers, stack them between some books for a few days, till flat and dry enough to add to your frame. Fill it with a favorite picture of the family!

Whether you're serving cereal in bed, or brunch in the family room, make sure it's fun! Get all dressed up to stay in for dinner. While mom puts on her make up, and decides between yellow or red dresses, put out the best dishes and tablecloth you have and wear your Sunday clothes. And after the fancy meal, you could treat her to a spa night. Complete with manicure and pedicures with mom's favorite nail polish.

You can do something for mom by tackling one item on her do-to-list. Maybe hanging up the bird feeder, fixing the cabinet door, or painting that old rocking chair would make her smile. As a family you could plant a herb garden, collect seashells on the beach or go on a treasure hunt in your local park. More tech inclined? Try creating a crossword puzzle with family names or memories from other holidays and celebrations. Maybe take a camera around and film some of her closest friends sending her well wishes and make a YouTube video for all the world to see!

These gifts may seem a lot harder then just picking up the latest designer perfume from the mall, but isn't that the point? Sacrifice a few hours and as you're working to pull it off, your love for her will grow more and more as the special day approaches. However you decide to celebrate mom, be sure you make it as unique and wonderful as she is.


Hugh & John Collins April 28th, 2010 3:23 am ET
all I know is my Mother passed one year ago and god do I miss ma ma. (Selma J. Collins)
Hugh & John

Bryar May 2nd, 2010 8:21 pm ET
Thank you for these ideas. I think ill make my mother the crossword, as that's one of her favorite things to do:)

brenda May 7th, 2011 9:35 am ET
hughand john.it gets better with time although never good. try to remember good times and things that made her laugh with you. my prayers are with you

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