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Free Gift Ideas for Father's Day!

Make This Father's Day one he'll never forget!

Every year on Father's day we tend to just stop by the card section of the grocery store while buying dinner. Dad's are easy to please. A hug and new tie says, "Dad, I love you". He may be content to just enjoy the day on the couch watching TV, but why not make this day special? Toddlers, teens, or wives: here are ideas you can use this Father's Day.

From Toddlers/ Elementary

With adult help, kids make some of the most tear-jerking and useful gifts of all time. Try a homemade calender of your dad's favorite things! We recommend you print them on card stock. It will last longer and be able to handle all the glue you'll be using. Pick a theme for each month. His first car, the brand of shaving cream he uses... the possibilities are endless! Use images from the Internet, cut them from catalogs, or just give your artist crayons. You're sure to get laughs and hugs out of this gift. (Print your Free Calendar templates here )

Fathers Day Free Gift

From a Teenage Daughter

You're growing up and gaining independence, but you'll always be daddy's little girl! Make today extra special by having a photo shoot with your dad! Have a friend with a camera meet you and your dad at a special location. A place where you share a connection like a park where he used to push you on the swing. Get all dressed up and have your friend to take pictures as you go about doing regular things like talking and laughing. You'll be amazed at how great some natural shots can come out. Don't miss the opportunity to do posed shots too! Some ideas could be sharing a hug or making silly faces at each other... get creative. Later on you can make a collage of photos and print it out right at home as a gift.

From a Teenage Son

Dad loved being your hero when you were younger. You'd do everything he did, even shave off cream from your face. Though you may have been shaving with a real razor for years now, this Father's Day, do some male-bonding. The key is to remind your dad that you learned so much from him and you appreciate it. If you learned to play catch with him, go to a baseball diamond and show him you can hit a home run now. Maybe he taught you how to play chess, challenge him. Best two out of three? If you're into computers, fix one together. Regardless of the activity, make it meaningful through conversation. Maybe he doesn't need all the details, but having an opportunity to give advise and encouragement reminds him of what it means to be a dad: Helping you learn who you are in the world and prepare you for it.

From a Wife

A great way to show your man affection on Father's Day is to treat him like a king. Remind him of all the great qualities he brings to your marriage and family. Thank him for meaningful things he's done for you. Make him food, clean his clothes, ... stuff like that. Also remember to look good doing it all. While is wasn't the basis of your marriage, it was an added bonus that you are beautiful. Play that up and when it comes to that time where you can be alone together, make it your goal to give him 100%.

Dad sacrifices so much to take care of the one's he loves, and though he may not jump up and down like mom does over little gifts, he certainly does cherish them. It's ok if he doesn't remember every Father's Day, but with some time and planning you'll make this a day a memory he'll never forget.


Brandy Despang June 9th, 2010 12:29 am ET
What about adult son/daughter?

mollee June 9th, 2010 3:48 pm ET
so far I can't get in to get anything free, I tried to get one of the Gillette free razors and it did
not work.

Anonymous June 9th, 2010 9:38 pm ET
I know......I didn't get the free Gillette razors ...but I did receive emails from them which I promptly deleted!!

Angel June 11th, 2010 4:13 pm ET
May it be said that surprising him with a visit is probably the best idea. Most adult children don't actually spend Father's Day WITH their dad.

Going over and watching his favorite sports team is one idea. A daughter is sure to please by inviting dad for a home cooked meal ( and mom is sure to appreciate it too! ).

Opening up a photo album and sifting through some old memories is sure to bring some laughter and maybe tears.

Another gift can be a gift of service. Finding something on dad's to-do list and tackling it. Fixing a fence latch, painting a bench, planting a new tree in the yard. These type of gifts are special because every time dad sees that tree, he'll remember you.

Just as the article said, the most important thing is to remind dad that you appreciate him and to spend time with him (even if it is on a long distance phone call for a while).

Wendy June 16th, 2010 2:28 pm ET
very nice Angel. thank you

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