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Super Easy, Kid-Friendly Easter Recipes

Easter is a great holiday to get the family involved in the yummy celebration!

From religious observances to egg hunting extravaganzas, Easter is most certainly a family holiday. Take this opportunity to build lasting memories with your children by including them in the kitchen with you! Who knows, you might just start a tradition where you'll have kitchen helpers many years to come!

Kitchen Helper: 4 Years Old and Up

Icing Bag Carrots are a fun and simple gift your little one can create and give away to classmates, teachers, and friends. All you need are small icing bags (from a craft store), orange jelly beans, double stick tape, children's scissors, and green construction paper.

First, have your child practice their motor skills by helping you cut green strips of paper. These pieces of paper are going to be on the end of your carrots, so they don't have to be perfectly cut and only about 2-3 inches long.

Now have your child fill an icing bag with the orange jelly beans. Twist the end and secure with a piece of double stick tape around the twist. Cut off any excess length of the icing bag and stick the green pieces of paper to the other side of the tape.

Easter Recipes cooking with kids

Kitchen Helper: 5 Years Old and Up

Easter Egg Fruit Pies are another sweet gift that require creativity from your child to make. You'll need pie crust dough (homemade or bought), small carton of Egg Beaters Whites, a variety of food colors, fruit jelly (or preserves), an egg shaped cookie cutter, and a clean paint brush.

First have your child roll out the dough with flour and use the cookie cutter to cut out egg shapes. On a cookie sheet, lay an egg shaped piece of dough and put a small amount of the fruit jelly (or preserves) in the middle. Paint some water around the edge, place another piece of dough on top, and pinch the sides together.

Now your child's creativity can run free! Make multiple colors of paint by mixing the egg whites with a few drops of food coloring. Let your children design and paint their eggs. After baking them according to package directions, you've got personalized homemade pies to share or enjoy!

Kitchen Helper: 6 Years Old and Up

Make this yummy Easter Cinnamon Bread for breakfast on Easter morning! Use your favorite bread dough recipe or cans of biscuit dough from your grocery's refrigerated section for this recipe. You'll also need butter, cinnamon, and sugar.

Roll your dough into 3 long strips and lay them next to each other on a cookie sheet. From the middle, carefully begin to braid the strands of dough together loosely. When you are done braiding that side, start back in the middle on the other side and braid it as well. Brush with melted butter, then sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Bake according to package directions or until golden brown.

Switch up the design for an Easter theme! Instead of just baking a rope, maybe your child would like to make several smaller braids and bake them in a circle. After they're done cooking they can be placed inside one another to create a bird's nest!

Kitchen Helper: 8 Years Old and Up

Baking and decorating cupcakes are a traditional, fun way to share sweets with a class! What you'll need for these fun PEEPcakes are a box of cupcake mix (and it's required ingredients), duck or bunny PEEPS, coconut shavings, green food coloring, and white icing.

Bake up your cupcakes and let them cool. Mix green food coloring into your icing to make green icing. In a bowl or Ziplock bag, mix green food coloring with your coconut shavings to make grass. Spread a little bit of icing over your cupcake and immediately top with coconut. Top with an Easter PEEP and dessert is ready!

As soon as your child can sit at the dining room table, they can start helping with meals. Spending time in the kitchen will help them learn to love different kinds of food and appreciate each meal that's provided because they understand the work (and fun) of preparing a meal. So go ahead, get them an apron and enjoy the memories you'll create this Easter with these fun recipes!

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